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The man who is 'absorbed' by the object that he is contemplating can be 'brought back to himself only by a Desire; by the desire to eat, for example. It is in and by - or better still as 'his' Desire that man is formed and is revealed, to himself and to others , as an I In contrast to the knowledge that keeps man in a passive quietude, Desire disquiets him and moves him to action.

Born of Desire, action tends to satisfy it, and can do so only by the ' negation ', the destruction , or at least the transformation, of the desired object: to satisfy hunger, for example, the food must be destroyed or, in any case , transformed. Thus, all action 'is negation'. But negating action is not purely destructive, for if action destroys an objective reality, for the sake of satisfying the Desire from which it is born, it creates in its place , in and by that very destruction, a subjective reality.

The being that eats, for example, creates add preserves its only reality into its own reality I by the 'assimilation', the ' internalisation ' of a 'foreign', ' external ' reality. Human Desire must be directed towards another Desire.

Emancipation Proclamation: “It is my Desire to be Free”

Thus, in the relationship between man and woman , for example, Desire is human only if one desires, not the body , but the Desire of the other; if he wants 'to possess' or 'to assimilate' the Desire taken as Desire - that is to say, if he wants to be 'desired' or 'loved' or, rather, 'recognised' in his human value , in his reality as a human individual. To aesire the Desire of another is in the final analysis to desire that the value that I am or that I ' represent ' be the value desired by the other: I want him to 'recognize' my value as his value. In other words all human Desire is, finally, a function of the Desire for 'recognition'.

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The human being can be formed only if at least two of these Desires confront one another. The uses of philosophy 33 satisfaction ; that is, is ready to risk its life Human reality is created, is constituted, only in the fight for recognition and by the risk of life that it implies.

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Man is human only to the extent that he wants to impose himself on another man, to be recognised by him If one of the adversaries remains alive but kills the other, he can no longer. Therefore, it does the man of the fight no good to kill his adversary. He must overcome him ' dialectically '. That is, he must leave him life and consciousness, and destroy only his autonomy. In other words, he must enslave him.

By refusing to risk his life in a fight for pure prestige, the Slave does not rise above the level of animals. Hence he considers himself as such, and as such is he considered by the Master. But the Slave, for his part, recognises the Master in his human dignity and reality, and the Slave behaves accordingly. The Master is not the only one to consider himself Master.

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The Slave, also, considers him as such. Hence, he is recognised in his human reality and dignity.

A Slave to Desire, a thomas the tank engine fanfic | FanFiction

But this recognition is one-sided, for he does not recognise in turn the Slave's reality and dignity. Hence, he is recognised by someone whom he does not recognise. And this is what is tragic in his situation. The Master has fought and risked his life for a recognition without value for him. For he can be satisfied only by recognition from one whom he recognises as worthy of recognising him. The Master's attitude is an existential Impasse.

The Master is fixed in his Mastery.

He cannot go beyond himself, change , progress. As for the Slave, there is nothing fixed in him. He wants to transcend himself by negation of his given state. He has a positive ideal to attain, the ideal of autonomy, of Beingfor-itself.

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The Master forces the Slave to work. In becoming Master of nature by work, then, the Slave frees himself from his own nature. Right from the start, James was rough and fast. Too fast for Annie and Clarabel and their passengers. James was determined to finish the work on Thomas' Branch Line and move on to a better job in his mind, but as he shot through a tunnel, Annie and Clarabel kept calling to him to slow down.

They were being bumped and bounced all the way to Maithwaite Station, where James overshot the platform again. I know, I know. It was an accident," said James as he reversed and lined up properly. Meanwhile, Emily was working on the main line, still surprised that Thomas had just taken off without telling her first. I have no idea what he's doing or where he is! There, she saw Edward.

Slave To Desire

The ones Henry was meant to take! I had no idea! Why wouldn't he tell me? I may have a few things to say to him myself…".

James was still working on Thomas' branch line, but his passenger runs were over. Now, he had to deliver goods trains, stopping at every station. Some of them called him out as being a reckless engine with little to no consideration for passengers. This made James very cross.

By the time he reached Elsbridge, he had a long line of trucks and had dealt with many unhappy passengers' complaints. James thought angrily about Thomas again. This is all his fault! He tricked me into doing his work…but he'll do no better. Edward did not look kind at the moment.

He looked patient, but also displeased. Edward let off steam and hardened his look on James. Edward, for once, glared at James with building annoyance. Emily had finished her goods train duty for the day and now had to take a few passenger runs until the evening. She collected her coaches at Knapford Station and waited for her passengers to board, when Percy came by. I actually would have stopped him if I could. He surely loves me more than adventures on the Mainland!

He'll come back to you…I hope. And like you comfort me when I need you…If you need me, I'll comfort you, mother. Emily managed to smile. The Mainland doesn't take an entire day…unless you're going to a Railway Show…". And Emily set off for her passenger run. As she picked up and let off passengers through the late afternoon, she hoped that Edward would provide her with a little more information about what James might have had to do with Thomas leaving.

But she still needed Thomas to come back to feel completely settled again. After all this time, she began to wonder if there was something more than just going to the mainland to Thomas' absence. By that evening, she stopped at Wellsworth, and Edward was there, just finishing his own work. Emily whistled to greet him and Edward looked up.

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He looked like he was ready to talk right away. I heard that while Thomas was at Knapford Station yesterday, and James came by and was announcing to the whole station how he was the Fat Controller's favourite engine. Thomas denied it and was about to sing when James interrupted him. Then Thomas had found out that James was being chosen to take Henry's train. Knowing James' dislike for trucks, he tried telling James about it, but James was pleased to be going to the Mainland and teased him further about being the favourite.

My best conclusion can be that Thomas was eager to pay James out by taking the train before he could. Emily was even angrier than she was before. First being angry at Thomas, now angry at James for teasing Thomas so relentlessly to the point that Thomas thought that payback was more important than telling her about his plan.

I'm sorry, Edward, but I still don't understand! Why wouldn't he take the time to tell me? At least I would have been prepared to wait for him to come back! Edward managed to smile. Thomas is the No.