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Let me tell you, for you to be able to carve out a good career from your passion, it must be something that already has an audience; it must be something that people are ready and willing to spend their money on. If you have a passion that does not readily have an audience that will benefit from it, then the idea of building a career with your passion is a dead one. Note: A bicycle repair blog could be a very profitable niche…. Like every other thing in life, passions evolve — what you liked doing as a teenager has probably changed as you got older.

Your passions will change, so instead of following them, you need to figure out how to do something else that will lead to fulfillment.

Why I’m so damn afraid to follow my passion

The first thing to do is to identify some general lifestyle traits that resonate with you. Some people seek power, energy, and respect, while others want freedom, comfort, and autonomy. After that, the next step is to discover a good position that will lead you to your target lifestyle…. This is where most people fumble.

How to Find Your Passions

The traits that develop these types of lifestyles are often precious and hard to come by. Most of the jobs out there will lead you to your desired lifestyle if you satisfy this value condition. Now, you just need to go and find a career that will lead you to that lifestyle. But remember, the prerequisite in this hunt is becoming an exceptional resource for your employer. Many people who desire excellence usually end up reading a lot and not doing anything. True experts start by identifying a small number of specific skills that are most valuable to their industry, and then they practice these skills like how a professional musician practices their instrument.

Daily practice is essential. I agree with that follow your lifestyle instead of passion.

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I always think that Follow your passion. I was doing something which I was not interested in although I was making money but whatever I am doing right now , i love doing it and I am making more money than before.. So I disagree with you. I think this is a matter of choice on should really be able to understand that what is his or her passion and what is the way to get it.

Am sure that following a passion is going to take a lot out of you, but then again, at the end of the day, it is you, how will be responsible for all your loss and gains. So make sure you take the right decisions at the right time. Push through at least until you feel comfortable with the basics. After you feel okay with the basics, it will be easier to assess whether you like the activity or not.

If your interest is still piqued, keep going. If not, try something new. Sometimes it takes a few tries before it really clicks and you find something you love. Again, part of what makes something a passion is that it sometimes challenges you. Pushing yourself is part of working on a passion. Went on a four mile hike and thought it was cool? Work up to ten or more miles. Push yourself a little but be careful. In the same vein,. Still, I carved out time several hours a week to go into the studio and practice. These practice sessions were low-pressure.

Before long, I started to get pretty good at it. As my skills improved, so did my love for the medium. Halfway through my first semester of ceramics class, my professor hired me to work in the studio with her. I helped throw pieces for her that summer, and by my final semester of college, I loved clay so much that I decided to make pots in order to push myself and improve my skills as much as I could.

But because I was willing to put in the practice, I fell in love with it.

Once I was comfortable with the basic techniques, it became very easy to spend hours on the wheel because I loved it. If you find something that you kind of like, or think you have the potential to like, practice as much as you can. Schedule time every day or every week to dedicate to improving your skills. Be patient with yourself.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Plus, the better you get, the more options open up for you to grow and explore and try new things. In the case of ceramics, this meant trying out new glazes and clays, and learning to fire the kilns. Passions leave you excited and feeling good about yourself. They may leave you a little tired if you put hours of work into them, but in general, you should enjoy the work and feel good about it and glad that you did it afterward. If you like it and put in the work, your skills will improve. Are you tired of hearing me say this yet?

‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice

Remember when I said that passions align with your values? The results of your work will be something that you value, and the way that the work makes you feel will also be rewarding. When the reasons why you want to put energy into something line up with your core values, those rewards are magnified. Put some thought into whether or not the results of your actions aka your Why really mean something to you.

If they do, you may have found a passion.

Follow Your Passions And Success Will Follow

Ultimately, finding your passions requires trying lots of new things. When is the last time you did something for the first time? Trying new things is important. Get out of your comfort zone, and do it often. Challenge yourself, and be willing to work hard, put in some practice, and give things a real chance. Get out into the world and explore life with enthusiasm, and more than likely, your passions will find you. Find your passion and purpose by reading this book and make your life extraordinary; if for no other reason, just because you can.

Jordan Peterson is a fantastic storyteller , and for that reason, this book can delight you in more than one single way. Listen, this book can challenge your beliefs and desires in a somewhat uncomfortable way. One that will make you feel fulfilled and concerned about your choice.

Discover in this book, how you can use fear as an incentive to push yourself forward, find your purpose, and cherish every moment of your life. You look from the outside into other people lives and believe they are better than you, they know better what they want, they are more motivated, skilled and driven. Do, your passion and purpose, seem too small? Somehow, irrelevant? That is not true. Those around you, looking into your garden, feel your grass is greener…. The road of finding your passion and purpose must begin by knowing yourself better. Recognizing and appreciating who you are: first , makes you feel you are enough , and second , allows you to take advantage of who you are.

Read this book and learn how to love and accept yourself as you are so you can build the future of your dream. Perhaps, you already know your purpose in life, but something stops you from going towards it. Are you resisting to embrace the good things in your life? You are not alone. Read this book, and discover how to make a clear distinction between productive and destructive resistance.

The opposite of calm is not always anger. Positive thinking and simple living can alleviate some of the difficulties you encounter in life. But is that enough? When is not, this book can give you the tools you need to improve your mood , and feel more relaxed about things so that you can, with a clear mind , take the best option for you. Do you must or should you be the artist of your life?

To get at the destination you desire, paint your road ahead.